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Bicester Village Shopping Express


Your benefit: 30% discount: £19.5 Adult; £14 Kids

Address: 4, Fountain Square, 121-151 Buckingham Palace Rd, London, GB-OXF, SW1W 9SH

Phone: +44(0)1784 425 604

Opening Times: Every day: 9:15 Start (3 pickup locations) // 17:00 Return (Same locations). Go directly to the coach ( Smartvisit device inside). Customers just need to confirm availability for desired day.


Enjoy this coach to Bicester Village with free wifi inside the bus and get a 10% discount inside the village. This shopping centre houses have more than 160 luxury boutiques and open air boulevards full of services. Indulge in savings of up to 60% all year round as well as tax-free shopping.