• 12 Sep 2017

    Street food

    Kategorien: Markt

    It is obvious that the street food phenomenon has become a huge trend in all large cities of all around the world, but in this subject London is the number one. With its numerous food markets ...

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  • 18 Aug 2017


    Kategorien: Must-see

    Hyde Park, the major green area in London City, covers 350 acres. If you explore ...

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  • 13 Jul 2017

    Shopping day in London

    Kategorien: Must-see

    London, one of the most eclectic, busy and cosmopolitan cities of the European panorama, is also a nerve centre of fashion. In London you can find a wide offer to go shopping, ...

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  • 16 Jun 2017

    Trooping The Colour

    Kategorien: Feste

    Trooping the Colour is one of the most popular celebrations in London: a military parade organised to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. This celebration is also known as ...

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  • 20 Mai 2017

    London and romantic films

    Kategorien: Must-see

    All of us have dreamed of having a love story like the ones that appear on the romantic movies. Some of the most famous romantic films are set in London, so get on London City ...

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