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Queen Victoria Street (The City)


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Red Route

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30 - 60 min
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4 points of interest
Location: Queen Victoria Street, in front of HSBC Bank, Stop MD

If you want to cross the famous Millennium Bridge, remember to get off the bus at the Queen Victoria Street stop. It is located just a few meters away.
The Millennium Bridge walkway connects the Tate Modern Gallery and The Globe Theater to the iconic St. Paul's Cathedral, located across the River Thames.
The 8 cables that keep the bridge in suspension are tensioned to support 2000 tons of weight, enough to support 5000 people on the bridge at the same time. It is the newest bridge built in London and it has already become one of the iconic places in the city.
Remember that you can Hop On Hop Off at any of our stops and take advantage of the different points that we have selected on this tour.