• General information

    Which are the starting and finishing time? How frequently do the buses run?

    Start time: 09.00

    Last departure: 17.00

    End time: 18.00

    Frequency: every 30 minutes


    Where can I get on the bus?

    You can get on the bus at any one of our stops. If you don’t have a ticket yet, you can buy one on board.


    Can I go and come back with the same bus?

    The routes operate along the same circuit, meaning that you can return to the bus stop where you picked up the bus or to any other stop at any time.


    How can I find the information about the service disruptions? 

    We inform about the service disruptions, we recommend you visit the website the specific day you are going to use the service. 

  • The fleet of vehicles

    What are the buses like?

    The buses are red. All of them are double-decker buses with an open-air top deck. All of our buses should be entered by the front door and left by the rear door, except for wheelchairs which should enter via the rear door.


    Are the buses covered and do they have a roof?

    The buses are open-air and have a partial covering for the upper deck. If you wish, you are also welcome to travel on the lower deck. For your own safety, you should always be seated in one of the available seats.


    Is there space for a wheelchair?

    All buses have access ramps and spaces for wheelchairs inside the vehicle. Each bus has the capacity to carry a maximum of one wheelchair.


    How can I connect to the on-board Wi-Fi?

    The on-board Wi-Fi service is free of charge for all of our passengers. Please ask our on-board staff for more information.

  • Tickets and points of sale

    Where can I buy tickets?

    You can buy your ticket on-board any of the buses as well as at different points of sale around the city. We recommend buying your ticket from our web page or our app.


    How long will my ticket be valid for?

    Your ticket will show the time it expires and will be valid from the moment you buy it.

    If you buy your ticket online or through one of our agents, you will be given a ticket or voucher which can be exchanged when getting on the bus for the first time. The ticket which you are given at this moment will show you the time it expires.

  • Guidelines and service

    Can I travel with luggage?

    Our buses do not have areas for the storage of luggage so you can only travel with hand luggage which you can carry and which do not occupy any extra seats, aisles, emergency exits or the area reserved for persons with reduced mobility. Unfortunately it is not possible to travel with large items of luggage or suitcases.


    Can I travel with a child’s pram?

    Yes. You will need to travel on the lower floor, and if possible the pram should be folded. The pram should be stored in the area reserved for wheelchairs. Please note, however, that wheelchair users have preference. If a wheelchair user wishes to board the vehicle, you will be required to remove the pram.


    Do I need to bring my own headset?

    No, you do not. When you buy your ticket, you will also be given a headset so that you can listen to our audio guide. However, if you wish, you’re more than welcome to bring your own headset and plug it into the bus’s sound system via the 3.5 mm mini jack connections.


    Are there any specific safety rules when travelling on-board?

    Due to the fact that our service is offered on moving buses, it is important to follow carefully all of the safety rules specified by the staff and described in the audio guide. It is not permitted to stand up, eat, drink, smoke or travel with an open umbrella on the upper deck while the vehicle is in motion or to throw anything off of the vehicle.


    Are animals accepted on-board?

    No animals or pets are allowed on board with the exception of guide dogs.


    Do I have priority access to the bus if I already have a ticket?

    No, all passengers are expected to wait in line at the stops regardless of whether they already have their ticket or not.


    Can I smoke on board the bus?

    No, it is prohibited to smoke anywhere on-board any of our buses.

  • Issues

    I’ve lost my ticket. What should I do?

    Unfortunately it’s only possible to travel if you have a valid ticket. We cannot replace or exchange tickets which have been lost or stolen. Unfortunately we cannot accept any other proof of purchase or vouchers which have already been used.

    Once you have bought your ticket, please look after it as you will need to show it when getting on the bus and during routine inspections.

    It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have been given a ticket when entering the bus or to mention it to staff on the vehicle when purchasing the ticket.


    I have made a purchase on the webpage/app but I am not sure if it has been processed correctly. How can I know it?

    If the transaction has been processed correctly, you will receive a confirmation via email. Anyway, if you have coverage problems, do not make the purchase more than once until you receive the confirmation.


    I have made a purchase on the webpage/app but I have not received the voucher. What do I have to do?

    If you make a purchase and do not receive any email with the vouchers attached, please, contact us in incoming@julia.net and we will send them to you.