27 mars 2018

Chasing Jack The Ripper

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Jack The Ripper

Whitechapel (East London), 1888, a series of murders terrifies the whole community of London. The victims were at least five women who suffered terrible cuts in different parts of their bodies. These terrible actions went unpunished since the police did not get to find the identity of the murderer, who was given the nickname of Jack the Ripper.

Story of the London Fog by Alfred Hitchcock is only one of the examples of TV series and films that were inspired by these events. Although many people may think that they were invented, they show how sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

The Jack the Ripper Museum narrates the story and shows all the details related to this case and the society of that period. In addition, it offers a walking tour that allows visiting the places where these shocking events took place. For example, The Ten Bells -where most of the victims were seen for the last time-, the Frying Pan Pub or Goulston Street -the only place where the police found a clue related to the murders. With London City Tour’s Silver Package you will be able to choose the activity ‘Jack the Ripper Museum’. Anyway, you can also follow the itinerary on your own.

If you like crime and detective novels or you simply want to discover the story of one of the most known cases in Europe, you cannot visit London without visiting this museum or follow the steps of Jack.

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