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Why does this Meridian Zero mark the separation between East and West? Why is this meridian the  standard of time reckoning throughout the World)

The Meridian of Greenwich is the origin of everything. It is located in the Royal Observatory, in the southeast area of ​​the City of London. From this place all the other meridians begun to count and it is an essential element for cartography.

The Greenwich meridian also sets the time zones and sets the time worldwide since 1884. As a consequence, almost all the cities in the world adjusted their local time to this new system.

Although the Meridian Zero is an imaginary line that joins the poles from north to south, there is a specific point representing the right place of its pace.  

By the same área there is a museum, an observatory and a planetarium. All these options represent a very attractive visit both,  for the general public and for those who love science.

In this place you can also enjoy lectures, exhibitions and activities for children related to astronomy, nautical and cartography.

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