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Hyde Park, the major green area in London City, covers 350 acres. If you explore it, you will find very special hideouts, going further of the mythic green landscapes and infinite lakes that you cannot miss either.

Originally, this space was possession of the canons of the Westminster Abbey, until Henry VIII acquired it in 1536. The monarch transformed it in a hunting preserve and, it was not until 1637, when Charles I opened the whole park to the public.

The Pet Cemetery is one of the most curious places of this enormous park. In there you can see more than 300 graves, the majority of dogs. Almost all these graves are from the Victorian London, when distinguished members of the society wanted to bury their beloved companions. In 1915 it was closed but in 1960 was reopened to bury the last animal: a dog that served in the Royal Navy.

The popular Speaker’s Corner is placed very near to the Marble Arch. Important personalities such as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin or Winston Churchill were known to often go there to demonstrate free speech on the symbolic soapboxes. Nowadays it is still in use, attracting more tourists and curious people than people with strong political convictions.

London City Tour will take you to the entrance of Hyde Park to let you explore it in depth. From the blue route, West End Loop, the stops 8, 9 and 10 will take you to different points of the park.

Take advantage of the sunny days in London to enjoy a wonderful stroll around the Hyde Park! 

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